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About us

We are delighted that the project has generated interest across sectors in a series of sub sector studies.  Links are set up on the website to guide readers to what we have accomplished.  Teams are from four universities including University of Toronto, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Ryerson University and McMaster University.

The study concentrates on 4 currently-used approaches to accountability- Financial incentives, Regulations, Information directed towards patients/payers, and Professionalism/stewardship. We postulate that these approaches will have differing success when applied to various categories of services, and within various sub-sectors, with the likely outcomes depending upon: a) the policy goals being pursued; b) the governance/ownership structures and relationships in place; and c) the goods and services being delivered, and their production characteristics.

We have a number of mandates, including: investigating, training students and knowledge transfer.

Our current student trainees include:

Carolyn Steele Gray
Seija Kromm
Deb Zelisko
Shaheena Mukhi
David Kirsch
Lavern Bourne
Lindsay Wyers
Jessica Bytautas
Alex Price


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