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Research Team:
Jan Barnsley (lead)
Raisa Deber
Shaheena Mukhi (student)

Project Details:
The PHC project will examine the accountability and governance structures associated with different Ontario PHC models (e.g, family health teams, community health centres).  The two central research questions are:

  1. In Ontario, what is meant by accountability within the primary health care context?
    1. What accountability mechanisms have been implemented and how are these related to improving PHC services.
    2. What is being collected and measured (mandatory vs. voluntary)?
    3. To what governing instrument are accountability mechanisms?
    4. What are the intended and unintended consequ3nces of the accountability mechanisms?
  2. What are the differences between the different models of PHC practices in Ontario.
    1.  What are the differences in the scope of accountability requirements, measures and payment structures?
    2. What practice characteristics are associated with accountability?
    3. What conditions and governing instrument are driving the adoption and implementation of accountability measures?

Methods include an environmental scan, content analysis of documents describing accountability expectations between PHC practices and the MOHLTC/LHINs, key informant interviews within PHC settings, LHINs, and the MOHLTC. 

Partners and Collaborators:
Accreditation Canada
Jonathan Mitchell
Bernadette MacDonald
Wendy Nicklin
Association of Ontario Health Centres
Adrianna Tetley
College of Family Physician of Canada

Dr. Ruth Wilson
Ontario College of Family Physicians
Jan Kasperski, CEO
Eilyn Rodriguez, Associate Executive Director and Educational Services
Ontario Medical Association
Barb LeBlanc

Current project status:

  • The environmental scan is near completion.
  • Accountability/governance documents have been collected and the project template for data extraction has been modified for the PHC setting.
  • A list of key informants is being complied.

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