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Hospitals Internal Accountability

Resarch Team:
Dr. Nancy Kraetschmer (Lead)
Raisa Deber
Janak Jass
Cheryl Woodman (Student)
Irene Koo (Student)
Andrea Thompson (Student)

The objective of this project is to better understand the internal hospital accountability approaches and requirements reporting across hospitals within Ontario.  The project will also include a deeper examination of the nature of the relationship between accountability and performance. The output of this work will inform a larger study looking at approaches to accountability across multiple health care sub-sectors.

The research project will employ a case study methodology which consists of the following componets:

  1. Document review
  2. Key informant interviews with three to four hospitals (teaching and community).
  3. Web-based survey of hospitals across Ontario (teaching and community)

Ontario Hospital Association
Toronto Central LHIN

Current Project Status:

  • An initial project proposal has been drafted and is under review.
  • Obtained research ethics approval for the study
  • Pilot-tested survey instrument. Data collection anticipated to commence September 2011.
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