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Project Lead:
Dr. Mark Dobrow (lead)
Jessica Bytautas (student)
Dr. Terrence Sullivan (thesis committee)
Dr. Adalsteinn Brown (thesis committee)

Project Details:
The project intends to examine the nature of accountability relationships within Ontario’s cancer services system, focusing on key system-level organizations including the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Cancer Care Ontario (Board of Directors, Executive Team, and Provincial Leadership and Clinical Councils), and the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario. Key informant interviews and document analysis will inform this work, which will allow comparisons to approaches to accountability in other sectors of Ontario’s health system. The project will also include a deeper examination of the ways in which cancer system leaders value the ‘promises’ of accountability and the perceived consequences of applying certain mechanisms in pursuit of these goals.

Partners and Collaborators:

  • Decision-making partners
  • Cancer Care Ontario
    • Dr. Michael Sherar, President & CEO
    • Dr. Judy Burns, VP (Acting) Planning and Regional Programs
    • Dr. Carol Sawka, VP Clinical Programs and Quality Initiatives
    • Dr. Linda Rabeneck, VP Prevention and Cancer Control (and former Chief of the Odette Cancer Centre)
    • Dr. Terrence Sullivan (former CEO)
  • Collaborators
    • Cancer Care Ontario
    • Odette Cancer Centre
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